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This is supposed to be a travel blog write? Well, I’m very happy to announce that my best friend and I have officially purchased two tickets to Europe for 40 days beginning June 6th. I am beyond excited to experience a whole new way of life for a month. We will be landing in Frankfurt, Germany and backpacking around the continent via Eurail and budget airlines. As someone who enjoys researching different cultures and geographical locations, I have been going crazy trying to learn and remember as much as I can for the trip. I prefer to be my own, personal tour guide.

I am working on a tentative itinerary, just so we have some sort of idea of where we’re going. Although, I am really keen on the idea of not having a plan. I’ve read many articles from other travel bloggers and have collected a lot of great tips. I bought the Savvy Backpacker’s book “Guide to Europe on a Budget” and it is filled with a lot of great information for beginners, especially when it comes to money and safety. I love the way he describes the different pickpocketing situations so you know what to look for. I recommend it to any traveler.

Youtube has also been a great source for information as far as destinations go. I binge watched Rick Steves‘ channel all Christmas break. Anyone else completely jealous of his life? I have a few of his guidebooks I’ve snagged from thrift shops for little or nothing, but I prefer his vlogs. They are full of great information, aside from the promotion of tour groups. I mean I’m sure I am not the only American who prefers not to be in a sweaty group of other Americans being led around like puppies by ANOTHER American teaching you things you could very well have looked up and did your research for before you got there.

Another Youtuber I have faithfully been watching is Hey Nadine. She is so inspirational to female travelers and has taught me so much. She is always having fun in whatever destination she is in and makes me wish my plane was leaving tomorrow. She’s also lactose intolerant and vegan and still enjoys the amazing cuisine overseas.

I’m so excited to start my new journey to a healthier me as well as prepare for my European journey. I will keep updating my progress of my trip planning as well tell of some of my other past travel experiences. Thanks for reading!





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