The Path to Greener Pastures

I do not like routine. I refuse to conform to the idea that each of us has a set plan. I am an avid believer of the unknown, that even though we spend a majority of our free time trying to come up with a plan, our lives can never truly follow it. Life is chance. I find great delectation in crawling out of bed in the morning without a sense of how my day will play out. It is the colorful excitement of the anonymous day as opposed to the monotonous every day path that so many of us choose to follow. That path, carved into the earth after so many generations of human beings chose to follow it like their peers, knowing the destination and all instances leading to it, is one I chose not to follow. I grew up around pastures; vast, beautiful pastures flooded by cattle. Running over the hills and through the draws of the land were paths. These paths were the trails the cattle chose to follow over and over again, day after day. The cattle took these paths because they had been traveled by so many before, conscious that they would safely lead to a spot to graze. After countless days of traveling the paths, back and forth, the desired destination the path would lead slowly became desolate. This was because after the numerous heads of cattle continued to returned to their familiar grazing spot day after day, the hay would slowly disappear. Eventually, it would disappear altogether. The cattle would continue to return, hoping to find more to fill their hungry stomachs, but of course, only disappointment. With everyone in the world following the same path, lifetime after lifetime, soon it will lead to emptiness, maybe not in our stomachs, but in our souls. We are meant to wander, for wandering off the carved path always leads to greener pastures. It is very possible the new path you choose to take may be more difficult. There may be a longer journey, and it may take a bit more time; there might be lower valleys, or a larger hill to climb, but the one thing we know about hills is that the view from the top is always worth the climb. I, myself, will always choose the better view, even if it means a more difficult journey. The fear of living an “average” life if terrifying; the fear of not finding the greener pasture because I chose to follow the crowd; to follow familiarity and assurance. I crave the unknown. I am homesick for places I do not even know exist yet, but I am confident I will find them.

I choose to make my own path in this world. Will you choose to carve your own as well?

With my worn out soles and aching feet, I will continue to make my own path in this monotonous world.
With my worn out soles and aching feet, I will continue to make my own path in this monotonous world.

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